Mod today means many things to many people. To those of us in the Uppers organization, it amounts to a striving for the best - in fashion, in music, in life - in everything. That's what we like, that's what we write about - and that's what you'll find on this site.


The Q release debut ep

“Issues” is the debut EP from The Q, a mod revival band from Gloucestershire UK.

Spotlight on The Perceptions

A long harboured dream comes true for ex-JTQ members. Read on!

Trummor & Orgel feat Magnus Carlson - Somebody stole my thunder

Brand new, good for you! Investigate!

Die Profis: Neue Sensationen und alte Geheimnisse CD

Die Profis came from Düsseldorf and released an album back in 1982. Now it's finally available on cd. Read on.

Various Artists - The Godfather's R&B (BGP)

Mike Travis checks out the early production work of James Brown
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Jewellery - Swinging

Enter the realm of plastic jewellery together with Helen Barrel

Shake, 4 March 2005 + Howl, Scream and Stroll, 11 March 2005

Our man Flynn brought his camera along to capture some memorable moments, and people, at some of the London clubs where the in-crowd goes.

A bunch of 45s - September 2000

Ah, look at those cute and tiny records. Our scribes have listened to some new singles

Subway Soul Club, New York City USA, 17 July 2004

A soulful night in the city that never sleeps. Photos by Bill Luther


Looking for a Barcelona Lounge Chair or maybe a Kartell Umbrella Stand? Look no further...